Black creatives in the entertainment industry are making names for themselves, and taking up space, as the fight for our voice to be heard in film and television becomes more of a mainstream topic. But aside from filling up positions such as writers, directors, and producers, the need for physical space for Black filmmakers to thrive is just as prevalent as the voices controlling the narrative.

Fortunately, there is a place designed just for that.

Black owned, and family operated production studio, Baron Stages, is a hidden gem in Mt. Vernon, NY. The studio is fully equipped with sound and video technology, lighting structures, and streaming capabilities; all accessible within a number of booking/rental packages. The studio itself is a generous 5000 sq.ft, with eight different sound rooms where projects of various sizes can take place.

To show the high functionality of Baron Stages, owner and co-founder, Cyrus Baron, teamed up with director and producer, Maralyn Burae of Celestial Entertainment NYC, for a day of promotional recordings, photo shoots, and networking.

Burae and her team shot a multi-room promo video, incorporating the studio’s Vanity/Green Room, Studio A, Virtual Stage, and Lounge Area. The video is set to give future clients of Baron Stages a virtual tour of how versatile the studio is; catering to the needs of various productions such as podcasts, tv shows, and music videos.

As Burae wrapped up the video shoot, two photo shoots were effortlessly beginning to set up- as team members of Burae also booked with Baron Stages for afternoon and evening slots. Photographer and business owner, Alexis VanPutten of Elizabeth Scott Photos, took to the 2200 sq.ft stage of Studio B, with a tiny superstar who dominated the entire space. The photoshoot held on the all white, invisible cornered stage, was the perfect area for the toddler model to spin, jump, and pose; allowing VanPutten to capture Children’s Place worthy shots.

Shortly after the cutest photo shoot ever, Kenneth Grate, photographer and founder of Grate Reflections, crushed a shoot with male stylist and brand ambassador in studio A. In contrast to the cute and bright looks of the previous shoot, the streetwear photoshoot taken by Grate, was reminiscent of a rap music video, and had the makings of one as well. The laddering LED lights provided by Baron Stages, illuminated the artistic vision of Grate and the model; capturing photos that utilized one of the many lighting options offered by the studio.

In just one day, Baron Stages rented its space to three creative directors, creating vastly different projects, with professionalism and efficiency.

Towards the end of the evening, brother and co-founder, Frantz Baron, stopped by in what became an impromptu networking session between Burae, Grate, and himself. The relaxed
business conversation held in the Lounge Area, concluded the night on a promising high. Baron Stages is without a doubt, a great place for emerging Black artists, directors, and producers in New York.

You can view or get in contact with Baron Stages through their website at or follow them on Instagram @baronstages.